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Namecheap to Digital Ocean Transfer Domain

There is an easy way to transfer a domain from Namecheap to Digital Ocean. Ask me how!

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Install Sendmail on Ubuntu And Why Is It So Slow?

Featured Sendmail Slow

When building a web app that will have registered users, you will need to have a way to send email to users during sign-up. The number one reason is to confirm that their email address is valid. Another reason is to have a “forgot password” feature.

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Connect To a Digital Ocean Droplet On Windows Using Putty

Featured Putty

So you have created your first droplet on DO (Digital Ocean). What’s next? Here’s a guide on how to connect to it if you are on Windows.

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Install Lets Encrypt Certificate on Shared Hosting

Install Lets Encrypt on Shared Host

The gist here is to generate the Let’s Encrypt certificate locally and install it to your server using cPanel. This is the exact steps I used for this domain. You will only need 2 things: your computer and access to your shared host.

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Transfer a Domain From Namecheap to ASmallOrange

Most webhosting providers sell both shared hosting and domain names. But there are instances where the domain names are cheaper when purchased directly from domain sellers, like Namecheap. Here is how to move your domain purchased in Namecheap into ASmallOrange. All you need is your Namecheap account, ASmallOrange account and little bit of time.

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